Monday, September 22, 2008

Assalamu'alaikum wbth,

Saya teringat kata-kata yang sentiasa diulang-ulang oleh veteran dalam dakwah & tarbiah setiap kali pertemuan dengannya iaitu :

` Kita adalah satu kaum yang diturunkan iman, sebelum diturunkan Al -Quran'.

Kata-kata ini adalah slogan yang diucapkan oleh generasi sahabat Rasul SAW dahulu. Generasi dahulu hebat kerana mereka ada ciri-ciri yang istimewa yang melayakkan mereka menjadi ustaziah al 'alam. Jika kita ingin jadi hebat, jadi berjaya; maka kita pun perlu mencontohi mereka.

Berikut saya kongsikan ringkasan pembacaan saya dari kitab Milestone karangan Sayyid Qutb. Semoga bermanfaat.

At one time, this message created a generation – the generation of the companions of the prophet SAW. No comparison in the history of Islam, even in the history of man. After this, no other generation of this caliber was ever again to be found.

We look therefore for some other reasons, and for this purpose we look at clear spring from which the first generation of Muslims quenched their thirst. Perhaps something has been mixed with that clear spring. We should look at the manner in which they received their training. Perhaps some changes have found their way into it.

[1] The spring from which the companions of the prophet saw drank was the holy Quran; only the Quran. As someone ask Aisha rha about the character of prophet Saw, she replied:

His character was the Quran’.
The holy Quran was the only source from which they quenched their thirst, and this was the only mold in which they formed their lives. This is the only guidance for them even though there are other civilizations or culture or science or schools such as Roman civilization, Persian civilization, Chinese and Indian Jewish and Christian were settled in the heart of Arabia. Thus we believe that this generation did not place sole reliance on the book of Allah for the understanding of their religion because of any ignorance of civilization and culture, but it was all according to a well thought out plan and method.

In fact Prophet SAW intended to prepare a generation whom pure in heart, pure in mind, and pure in understanding.

[2] There is another basic cause, which has operated in creating this difference. That difference is in THE METHOD OF LEARNING of this unique generation. They of the first generation did not approach the Quran for the purpose of acquiring culture and information , nor for the purpose of taste or enjoyment. None of them come to the Quran to increase his sum total of knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself or to solve some scientific or legal problem, or to remove some defect in his understanding.

He rather turned to the Quran to find out what Allah SWT has prescribed for him and for the group in which he lived, for his life and for the life of the group. He approached it to act on what he heard immediately, as a soldier on battlefield reads `todays bulletin’ so what he may know what is to be done. He did not read many verses of the Quran in one session, as he understood that this would lay an unbearable burden of duties and responsibilities on his shoulder. At most he would read ten verses, memorize them, and then act upon them, as reported by Abdullah bin Mas’ud.

This understanding, i.e. the understanding that INSTRUCTION IS FOR ACTION opened the doors to spiritual fulfillment and to knowledge.

Indeed, this Quran does not open its treasures except to him who accepts it with this spirit. The spirit of knowing with the intention to act upon it. It did not come to be a book of intellectual content, or a book of literature, or to be considered as a book of stories or history, although it has all these factes. It came to become a WAY OF LIFE. Thus Allah SWT imparted it to them in a gradual manner, to be read at intervals:

‘We have revealed to this Quran little by lithe so that you may recite it to people at intervals, and we revealed it gradually.’
17: 106

[3] The third cause is he would immediately cut himself off from JAHILIYYAH..
When he stepped into the circle of Islam, he would start a new life, separating himself off completely from his past life under ignorance of the divine law. He will look upon the deeds of his life of ignorance with mistrust and fear. With these feeling, he would turn toward Islam for new guidance, and if at any time temptations overpowered him, or old habits attracted him, he would become restless with a sense of guilt and would feel the need to purify himself of what had happened, and would turn to the Quran to mold himself according to its guidance.


Maalim fit toriq, jil quran farid


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